“One picture speaks 1,000 words, 7,000 languages and 27 emotions cross-generationally. That’s the kind of math I can get behind.” – Laura Matteson

We use art to transcend language, education, mindset, experiences & age. Illustration allows us to reach across the aisle and to close the gaps between us. It can grab attention, explain complicated subjects and convert our hard work into new clients and customers Illustration does the heavy lifting so we don’t have to.


I wanted to be an artist

and I wanted to be a mother

And, for the longest time, these dreams seemed to unfold on an easy, linear path. 

Phase 1: Study fine art and graphic design in college, begin freelancing and land a great job in an otherwise unstable economy post-graduation

Phase 2: Get married, decide to start a family and have the ability to stay at home when my daughter was born

Phase 3: This is when things got messy…

Up until the day I became a mother, I thought I would feel totally confident and fulfilled in the role. But, while there were slivers of moments when that was true, they were crammed between many other hours of doubting myself, my worth and my own identity. (The sleep deprivation didn’t exactly help.)

It was only by tapping into the strengths of other moms that I rediscovered my purpose. 

Starting with an empowering second birth experience made possible by the support of a doula, my passions as a mom and business owner began to merge in a beautiful way. I realized that I could do more good—for myself and the entrepreneurs I was serving—by trusting my instincts and helping mission-driven businesses. 

Is my life as a work-from-home mom always easy now? Heck. No. For every challenging moment, though, there are a dozen more where I know I’m modeling for my daughters that they are limitless.

And that is why I don’t think my identities as “mom” and “business owner” should be separated into different boxes. 

Without question, I have mission-focused and female-supportive businesses to thank for that—starting with the doula who helped me realize the power within myself and carried on with the loving support of coaches, therapists, teachers, fellow artists and mamas who are pursuing their dreams, one post-bedtime work session at a time. 

So, here’s to you, my bold friends. Simply being in your sphere inspires me.

your visual advocate,



Curious about hiring me for a custom illustration or animation project? I am currently on sabbatical until Fall 2021 and am taking very limited client projects. You can apply here and I’ll let you know my availability.